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extra-sounds-en 文件夹中的语音文件,大约1479个语音文件需要翻译成中文语音。翻译以后,用户可以通过TTS进行语音合成,转换成中文语音。

1-for-am-2-for-pm: Press 1 for A.M, or 2 for P.M.

1-yes-2-no: Press 1 for yes, or 2 for no.

1: 1 sec silence

10: 10 sec silence

2: 2 sec silence

3: 3 sec silence

4: 4 sec silence

5: 5 sec silence

6: 6 sec silence

7: 7 sec silence

8: 8 sec silence

9: 9 sec silence

; Silence directory

T-changed-to: [T] has been changed to [Extension Y]

T-is-not-available: [T] is not available

T-to-disable-ancmnt: [T] to disable this announcement

T-to-enable-ancmnt: [T] to enable this announcement

T-to-hear-cur-ancmnt: [T] to hear the current announcement

T-to-leave-msg: [T] to leave a message

T-to-reach-main-office: [T] to reach the main office

T-to-rec-ancmnt: [T] to rerecord this announcement

T-to-rtrn-to-main-menu: [T] to return to the main menu

a-charge-for-this-svc: A charge for this service

a-collect-charge-of: A collect charge of

a-collect-charge: A collect charge

a-connect-charge-of: A connect charge of

a-connect-charge: A connect charge

abandon-all-hope: Abandon all hope, ye who dial here.

abandons: abandons

ac: AC

academic-support: Academic Support

access-code: Access code:

access-denied: access denied

access-granted: access granted

accessible-through-system: accessible through this system

account-balance-is: Account balance is

accounting: Accounting

accounts-payable: Accounts Payable

accounts-receivable: Accounts Receivable

activated: activated

added-to: added to

added: added.

address: address

administration: Administration

advised-to-seek-shelter: are advised to seek shelter immediately

after-the-tone: after the tone

afternoon: afternoon

air-conditioner: air conditioner

airport: airport

alabama: Alabama

alarm: alarm

alaska: Alaska

albuquerque: Albuquerque

all-circuits-busy-now: All circuits are busy now

all-outgoing-lines-unavailable: All outgoing lines are currently unavailable

all-reps-busy: All of our representatives are currently busy.

all-your-base: All your base are belong to us.

altitude: altitude

amp: Amp

ampersand: ampersand

amps: Amps

an-error-has-occurred: An error has occurred.

an-error-has-occured: An error has occurred. (Symlink to 'an-error-has-occurred')

and-area-code: and the area code...

and-or: and/or

and-prs-pound-whn-finished: And press pound when finished

and: and

another-time: another time

approaching: approaching

approximately: approximately

are-you-still-there: Are you still there?(Disbelief)

are-you-still-there2: Are you still there?(Funny)

arizona: Arizona

arkansas: Arkansas

arlington: Arlington

around: around

astcc-account-balance-is: Your account balance is...

astcc-account-number-invalid: Your account number is invalid

astcc-balance-of-account-is: The balance of your account is...

astcc-card-number-invalid: The card number you have entered is invalid.

astcc-digit-account-number: -digit account number

astcc-followed-by-pound: followed by the pound key

astcc-followed-by-the-hash-key: followed by the hash key.

astcc-followed-by-the-pound-key: followed by pound.

astcc-login12pound: Please enter your 12-digit account number, skipping any punctuation, followed by the pound key.

astcc-please-enter-your: Please enter your...

astcc-skipping-any-punctuation: skipping any punctuation

asterisk-friend: Asterisk is your friend.

at-any-time: at any time

at-customers-request: at the customers request

at-following-number: At the following number

at-sign: at sign

at-tone-time-exactly: At the sound of the tone, the time will be exactly

athletics: Athletics

atlanta: Atlanta

atlantic: atlantic

attention-required: Your attention is required

attic: attic

auditing: Auditing

austin: Austin

available-options: available options

available: Available

avg-speed-answer: average speed of answer

away-naughty-boy: He's currently away from his phone, the naughty boy.

away-naughty-girl: She's currently away from her phone, the naughty girl.

baby-sleeping-mode: baby sleeping mode

back: back

backslash: backslash

bad: bad

baltimore: Baltimore

bar: bar

barn: Barn

barns: Barns

barometer: barometer

barometric: barometric

basement: basement

bathroom: bathroom

bearing: Bearing

beaufort: beaufort

because-paranoid: because we're paranoid

bedroom: bedroom

before-the-number: before the number.

believe-its-free: Can you believe this phone system is free?

billing-and-collections: Billing and collections

billing: Billing

billionth: billionth

bits: bits

blue-eyed-polar-bear: Try to spend your time on hold not thinking about a blue-eyed polar bear.

bookstore: Bookstore

boston: Boston

box: Box

brian: Brian

bright: bright

business-development: Business Development

busy-hangovers: We're all busy with our hangovers.

busy-pls-hold: All our lines are currently busy. Please hold and someone will be with you shortly.

but: but (not emphasized, like "all but me")

by: by

bytes: Bytes

cafeteria: Cafeteria

california: California

call-forward: Call Forward

call-forwarding: Call forwarding

call-fwd-cancelled: call forward cancelled

call-fwd-no-ans: Call-Forward on No Answer

call-fwd-on-busy: Call-Forward on Busy

call-fwd-parallel: Call-Forward Parallel

call-fwd-unconditional: Call-Forward Unconditional

call-preempted: This call has be preempted

call-quality-menu: Please rate the quality of the call you just made. Use the keys one through four to rate the voice quality of the call, with one being the best quality, and four meaning that it was very difficult to understand the other party. Press five if the call was prematurely disconnected. Press six if the call was never completed. Press seven if one direction of the call could not be heard. Press eight if there were other difficulties.

call-requres: The call you have made requires a...

call-terminated: call terminated

call-waiting: call waiting

call: Call

callerid: caller id

calls-taken-by: calls are being taken by

calls-waiting-for-rep: calls waiting to speak with a representative

calls: calls

campground-office: Campground office

cancelled: Cancelled

cannot-complete-as-dialed: Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

cannot-complete-network-error: Your call cannot be completed due to network error.

cannot-complete-otherend-error: Your call cannot be completed due to an error at the receiving telephone company.

cannot-complete-temp-error: Your call cannot be completed due to a temporary error

card-balance-is: card balance is

card-is-invalid: card is invalid

card-number: card number

carport: carport

carried-away-by-monkeys: Nobody is available to take your call at the moment. They have been carried away by monkeys.

cause-code: Cause Code

ceiling: ceiling

celsius: celsius

cent: Cent

central: central

cents-per-minute: Cents per minute

cents: Cents

cents: cents

ceo-office: CEO's office

chance-of: chance of

changing: changing

channel-insecure-warn: This voice path is insecure - do not discuss classified information or use project codewords.

channel-secure: This voice path is secure.

channel: Channel

channel: channel

charlotte: Charlotte

chat-room: chat room

check-number-dial-again: Please check the number and dial again.

chemistry: Chemistry

chicago: Chicago

chris: Chris

claims: Claims

clear: clear

clearing: clearing

cleveland: Cleveland

clli: CLLI

close-parenthesis: close parenthesis

closet: closet

clouds: clouds

cloudy: cloudy

coffee-pot: coffee pot

collections: Collections

colorado-springs: Colorado Springs

colorado: Colorado

columbus: Columbus

comma: comma

communications: Communications

company-dir-411: To access our company directory, dial 411 or dial zero to leave a message in our general mailbox.

complaint: Complaint

compliance: Compliance

computer-friend1: The computer is your friend.

computer-friend2: The computer is your friend.

conditions: conditions

conf-1-to-list-users: Press 1 to list users currently in the conference.

conf-2-to-kick-nonadmin: 2 to kick all non-administrator users.

conf-3-mute-or-unmute-nonadmin: 3 to mute or unmute all non-administrator users.

conf-4-to-record-conf: 4 to record this conference.

conf-8-for-more-options: or 8 for more options

conf-8-to-exit-return-to-conf: or 8 to exit this menu and return to the conference.

conf-banned: You have been banned from this conference.

conf-full: That conference is full.

conf-hasentered: has entered the conference

conf-onlypersonleft: You are now the only person left in this conference.

conf-peopleinconf: people in this conference

conf-sysop: The sysop

conf-sysopreq: System operator requested.

conf-sysopreqcancelled: System operator request cancelled.

conf-youareinconfnum: You are in conference number...

conference-call: conference call

conference-reservations: Conference Reservations

conference: Conference

confirm-number-is: Your confirmation number is

connected: Connected

connecticut: Connecticut

connecting: Connecting

connection-failed: Connection failed.

connection-timed-out: Connection timed out.

continue-english-press: To continue in english, press

continue-in-english: to continue in english,...

cool: cool

cooling: cooling

copy-center: Copy center

could-lose-a-few-pounds: you could lose a few pounds

counseling-services: Counseling services

count: count

crash: crash

current-time-is: The current time is

currently: currently

customer-accounts: customer accounts

customer-relations: customer relations

customer-service: customer service

cyclone: cyclone

dallas: Dallas

date: date

day: day

daylight: daylight

days: days

dc: DC

de-activated: de-activated

deadbeat: Deadbeat!

decibel: decibel

decibels: decibels

deck: deck

decode: decode

default-attendant: default attendant

degree: degree

degrees: degrees

degrees: degrees

delaware: Delaware

den: den

denial-of-service: Denial of service

denver: Denver

department-administrator: Department administrator

department: department

deposit: deposite

design: design

detroit: Detroit

development: development

dew-point: dew point

dial-here-often: So, do you dial here often?

digit: digit

digits: digits

dim: dim

dining-room: dining room

directory-assistance: directory assistance

directory: directory

disabled: disabled

discon-or-out-of-service: The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Please check the number, and try your call again.

disconnected: Disconnected

disk: Disk

distribution: Distrobution

divided-by: divided by

dns: DNS

do-not-disturb: Do not disturb

doing-enum-lookup: Doing an e-num lookup

dont-know-who-sent: I'm afraid I don't know who sent this message

door: door

doors: doors

doppler-radar: doppler radar

down: Down

down: down

driveway: driveway

driving-directions: for driving directions to our location, press

dryer: dryer

duplex: duplex

duplication: dupliction

early: early

east: east

easterly: easterly

eastern: eastern

echo-test: You will now hear your own voice in an echo test.

ed: Ed

eighteenth: eighteenth

eighth: eighth

eightieth: eightieth

el-paso: El Paso

eleventh: eleventh

email: Email

emergency: Emergency

enabled: enabled

encode: Encode

engineering: Engineering

ent-target-attendant: please enter the number of the extension to use for your target attendant

enter-a-time: Enter a time using 4 digits. Start with a zero for hours less than ten.

enter-conf-call-number: Please enter the conference call number for the conference you wish to join.

enter-conf-pin-number: Please enter the conference pin number.

enter-ext-of-person: enter the extension of the person you are trying to reach

enter-num-blacklist: Please enter the number to be blacklisted.

enter-password: Please enter your password, followed by the pound key.

enter-phone-number10: Please enter your ten-digit telephone number, area code first.

entering-conf-number: You are entering conference number

entr-num-rmv-blklist: Please enter the number to be removed from the blacklist.

enum-lookup-failed: e-num lookup failed

enum-lookup-successful: e-num lookup successful

error-number: Error number

error-number: error number

est-hold-time-is: the estimated hold time is currently

euro: euro

euro: euro

european: european

euros: euros

euros: euros

evening: evening

explanation: explanation

ext-or-zero: Please dial the extension of the person you're trying to reach, or 0 for an operator.

extension: extension

extensions: extensions

facilities: Facilites

fahrenheit: fahrenheit

falling: falling

falling: falling

fan: fan

farad: farad

farads: farads

fast: fast

feature-not-avail-line: That feature is not available on this line

feet: Feet

feet: feet

female: Female

fifteenth: fifteenth

fifth: fifth

fiftieth: fiftieth

finals: Finals

finance: Finance

first-floor: first floor

first-in-line: your call is now first in line, and will be answered by the first available representative

first: first

flagged-for-lea: has been flagged for retrvial by law enforcement officials

flooding: flooding

floor: floor

floors: floors

florida: Florida

fog: fog

foggy: foggy

followed-by: followed by

food-service: Food service

food-services: Food servies

foot: foot

for-a-daily-wakeup-call: For a daily wakeup call

for-a-list-of: For a list of

for-accounting: For accounting

for-billing: For billing

for-billing: For billing

for-english-press: For english, press

for-extended-status-report: For an extended status report

for-investor-relations: for investor relations, press

for-louie-louie: for the lyrics to louie, louie, press

for-no-press: for no, press

for-qc-and-training-purposes: For quality control and training purposes

for-quality-purposes: for quality assurance purposes

for-quick-status-report: For a quick status report

for-sales: For sales

for-service: For service

for-tech-support: For tech suppory

for-tech-support: For technical support

for-the-first: For the first

for-the-weather: For the weather

for-wakeup-call: For a wakeup call...

for-wx-report: For a weather report

for-yes-press: for yes, press

for: For (emphasized)

for: for

fort-worth: Fort Worth

fortieth: fortieth

fountain: fountain

fourteenth: fourteenth

fourth: fourth

foyer: foyer

freeze: freeze

freezing: freezing

frequency: Frequency

fresno: Fresno

from-unknown-caller: from an unknown caller

from: from (empasized)

front: front

ftp: FTP

furnace: furnace

gale: gale

gambling-drunk: We're off gambling and getting drunk.

game-room: game room

garage: garage

georgia: Georgia

gigabits: Gigabits

gigabytes: Gigabyes

gigahertz: Gigahertz

giggle1: giggle

gmt: greenwich mean time

go-away1: Go away!

go-away2: Go away (playful)

good: good

good-afternoon: Good afternoon

good-evening: Good evening

good-morning: Good morning

goodbye: Goodbye!

great-room: great room

greater-than: greater than

groovy: groovy

guest-room: guest room

gust: gust

gusting-to: gusting to

gusts: gusts

gusty: gusty

hail: hail

half: half

hall: hal

hang-on-a-second-angry: I said HANG ON a second!

hang-on-a-second: Hang on a second...

hangup-try-again: Please hangup and try your call again.

has-arrived-at: has arrived at

has-been-changed-to: has been changed to

has-been-cleared: has been cleared

has-been-disconnected: has been disconnected

has-been-left: has been left

has-been-set-to: has been set to

has-been: has been

has-expired: has expired

has-issued-a: has issued a

has-not-been-seen-for: has not been seen for

has: has

hash: hash

hash: hash

hawaii: Hawaii

headed-towards: Headed towards

heading: Heading

health-center: Health center

hear-odd-noise: to hear an odd noise, press

hear-toilet-flush: to hear a toilet flush, press

heat-index: heat index

heat-pump: heat pump

heat: heat

heating: heating

hectopascal: hecto-pascal

hello: Hello

helpdesk: Helpdesk

hertz: Hertz

high: high

highway: Highway

hit: hit

hold-or-dial-0: Please continue to hold or dial zero to leave a message in our general mailbox.

home: home

honolulu: Honolulu

hot-tub: hot tub

house: house

housekeeping: Housekeeping

houston: Houston

http: HTTP

human-resources: Human Resources

humidity: humidity

humidity: humidity

hundredth: hundredth

hurricane: hurricane

hz: Hertz (again?)

i-dont-understand: I don't understand. (emotionless)

i-dont-understand2: I... don't understand. (confused?)

i-dont-understand3: (faint laugh)I don't understand.

i-dont-understand4: I... don't... understand. (William Shatner-like)

i-dont-understand5: Um, I don't understand. (spoken quickly)

i-grow-bored: I grow bored of this conversation.

ice: ice

icmp: ICMP

icy: icy

idaho: Idaho

if-correct-press: If this is correct, press...

if-grtg-played-indefinately: if this greeting should be played indefinately

if-grtg-should-expire-at: if this greeting should expire at

if-maint-contract-or-emergency: If you have a maintenance contract or require emergency assistance.

if-rotary-phone: If you have a rotary phone, please stay on the line after the menu.

if-this-is-correct-press: if this is correct, press

if-this-is-correct: If this is correct...

if-this-is-not-correct: If this is not correct...

if-u-know-ext-dial: If you know the extension of the party you wish to reach, dial it now.

if-unsuccessful-speak-to: In case I am unsuccessful, you should speak to...

if-you-know-the: if you know the

if-you-need-help: if you need help

if-youd-like-to-make-a-call: If you'd like to make a call...

illinois: Illinois

im-sorry-unable-to-connect-to-eng: I am sorry, but I was unable to connect you to our on-call engineer.

im-sorry: I'm sorry

imap: IMAP

in-service: In service

in-the-line: in the line

in-the-queue: in the queue

in-the: in the

in-your-city: in your city

in-your-zip-code: in your zip code

inbound: inbound

inch: inch

inches: inches

indiana: Indian

indianapolis: Indianapolis

indicated: indicated

info-about-last-call: Information about your last call

information-technology: Information Technology

information: information

infuriate-tech-staff: to infuriate our tech staff with your obvious questions, press [X]

initiated: Initiated

initiating: Initiating

inside-sales: Inside Sales

internal-audit: Internal Audit

international-call: International call

international-call: international call

interstate: Interstate

intruder: intruder

invalid-date: invalid date

investor-relations: Investor Relations

iowa: Iowa

is-at: is at

is-curntly-busy: is currently busy

is-curntly-unavail: is currently unavailable

is-currently: is currently

is-in-use: is in use

is-not-in-the: is not in the...

is-not-set: is not set

is-now-being-recorded: is now being recorded

is-set-to: is set to

is: is

is: is

it-now: it now

it-services: IT Services

jacksonville: Jacksonville

janitorial: Janitorial

jason: Jason

jedi-extension-trick: This is not the extension you are looking for.

john: John

just-kidding-not-upset: Just kidding; didn't mean to get you all upset.

just-kidding-not-upset2: Just kidding; didn't mean to get you all upset.

kansas-city: Kansas City

kansas: Kansas

kelvin: kelvin

kentucky: Kentucky

kilobits: Kilobits

kilobytes: Kilobytes

kilohertz: Kilohertz

kilometer: Kilometer

kilometer: kilometer

kilometers-per-hour: kilometers per hour

kitchen: kitchen

knock-knock: Knock knock!

knots: knots

lamp: lamp

lamps: lamps

landscape: landscape

language: Language

large: large

las-vegas: Las Vagas

last-error-was: The last error on this line was...

last-num-to-call: The last number that called your line was...

late: late

later: later

laundry: laundry

lea-may-request-info: Law enforcement officials may request this information

left-bracket: left bracket

legal: Legal

len: Len

less-than: less than

library: Library

library: library

light: light

lightning: lightning

lights: lights

limit-simul-calls: To protect Internet bandwidth and maintain call quality, this system has a limit on the number of simultanious calls.

lines-complaining-customers: All lines are full of complaining customers.

linux: Linux

list: list

living-room: living room

load-average: Load average

local-authorities: local authorities

location: Location

locked: locked

locking: locking

login-fail: Login fail

long-beach: Long Beach

los-angeles: Los Angeles

loss-prevention: Loss Prevention

loss: Loss

lots-o-monkeys: (sound effects of many angry monkeys)

louisiana: Louisiana

low: low

lunch: lunch

lyrics-louie-louie: [

       Louie Louie, me gotta go
       Louie Louie, me gotta go
       Fine little girl she waits for me
       Me catch the ship for cross the sea
       Me sail the ship all alone
       Me never thinks me make it home
       Three nights and days me sail the sea
       Me think of girl constantly
       On the ship I dream she there
       I smell the rose in her hair
       (chorus, guitar solo)
       Me see Jamaica moon above
       It won't be long, me see my love
       I take her in my arms and then
       Me tell her I never leave again]

machine: Machine

made-it-up: Just because I made it up doesn't mean it isn't true.

mail: Mail

mailbox: mailbox

mailroom: Mailroom

main-menu: Main Menu

maine: Maine

maintenance: Maintenance

male: Male

management: Management

manufacturing: Manufacturing

marketing: Marketing

marryme: Will you marry me? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no.

maryland: Maryland

massachusetts: Massachusetts

master: master

mathematics: Mathematics

maximum: maximum

megabits: megabits

megabytes: megabytes

megahertz: megahertz

memory: memory

memphis: Memphis

menu: menu

mesa: Mesa

message-from: message from

message-number: Message number

meter: meter

meter: meter

meters: meters

meters: meters

miami: Miami

michigan: Michigan

midnight-tomorrow-night: midnight tomorrow night

midnight-tonight: midnight tonight

midnight: midnight

mike: Mike

miles-per-hour: miles per hour

miles: miles

millionth: millionth

milwaukee: Milwaukee

minimum: minimum

minneapolis: Minneapolis

minnesota: Minnesota

minute: minute

missed: missed

mississippi: Mississippi

missouri: Missouri

mist: mist

mist: mist

misty: misty

monitored: monitored

montana: Montana

month: month

months: months

moo1: Moo!

moo2: mooooo!

morning: morning

moron: Moron! (said by an angry Allison)

mostly: mostly

motor-pool: Motor Pool

mountain: mountain

moving: moving

ms: milliseconds

nashville: Nashville

national-weather-service: National Weather Service

nautical-miles: nautical miles

nbdy-avail-to-take-call: Nobody is avaialble to take your call.

near: near

nebraska: Nebraska

negative: negative

network-operations-center: Network Operations Center

network-operations: Network Operations

nevada: Nevada

new-accounts: New Accounts

new-hampshire: New Hampshire

new-jersey: New Jersey

new-mexico: New Mexico

new-orleans: New Orleans

new-york: New York

nineteenth: nineteenth

ninetieth: ninetieth

ninth: ninth

no-112-1: this line does not support one one two services [quickly]

no-112-2: this line does not support one one two services

no-911-1: this line does not support nine one one services [quickly]

no-911-2: this line does not support nine one one services

no-empty-conferences: No empty conferences currently exist.

no-info-about-number: no further information is available about this number

no-longer-in-service: is no longer in service

no-reply-no-mailbox: you cannot reply to this message because the sender does not have a mailbox

no-route-exists-to-dest: No route exists to the dialed destination.

nobody-but-chickens: Nobody here but us chickens!

node: node

north-carolina: North Carolina

north-dakota: North Dakota

north: north

northeast: northeast

northerly: northerly

northwest: northwest

not-auth-pstn: You at not authorized to call out using the PSTN

not-enough-credit: You do not have enough credit to dial this number.

not-necessary-1: It is not necessary to dial a 1 when dialing this number.

not-necessary-ac: It is not necessary to dial the area code when dialing this number.

not-necessary-dial-1-or-ac: It is not necessary to dial a 1 or the area code when dialing this number.

not-rqsted-wakeup: You have not requested a wakeup call.

not-taking-your-call: The party at the number you have dialed has decided not to take calls from your number at this time.

not-yet-assigned: has not yet been assigned

not-yet-connected: is not yet connected.

nothing-recorded: nothing has been recorded

now: now.

num-not-in-db: Number not found in database.

num-outside-area: The number you are calling is outside of your local calling area. Please dial...

num-was-successfully: The number was successfully...

number-not-answering: The number is not answering.

number: number

oakland: Oakland

octothorpe: octothorpe

off-duty: Off duty

off: off

office-code: office code

office-iguanas: The office has been overrun with iguanas.

office: Office

office: office

ohio: Ohio

ohm: Ohm

ohms: Ohms

oklahoma-city: Oklahoma City

oklahoma: Oaklahoma

omaha: Omaha

on-busy: on busy

on-monthly-tel-stment: on your monthly telephone statement

on-no-answer: on no answer

on: On.

on: on

one-moment-please: one moment, please.

one-small-step: That's one small step for Asterisk, one giant leap for mankind.

one-small-step2: That's one small step for Asterisk, one giant leap for mankind.

oops1: Oops

oops2: Oops (laughy)

oops3: Oops (long o)

open-parenthesis: open parenthesis

open: open

operations: Operations

option-is-invalid: That option is invalid. Please try again.

option-not-implemented: That option is not implemented.

or-press: or press

or: or

or: or

order-desk: Order Desk

orders: Orders

oregon: Oregon

other-options-exercise: All other options are left as an exercise for the caller.

otherwise-press: otherwise press

otherwise: Otherwise...

our-business-hours-are: Our business hours are

outbound: Outbound

outside-sales: Outside Sales

outside-transfer: outside transfer

pacific: pacific

packet: packet

panic: panic

partially: partially

partly: partly

pascal: pascal

pascal2: pascal2

patchy: patchy

patio: patio

pence: Pence

pennies: Pennies

pennsylvania: Pennsylvania

penny: Penny

percent: percent

percent: percent

perhaps-we-are: Perhaps we're

perhaps-we-are2: Perhaps we're

period: period

personnel: Personnel

persons-in-path-of: Persons in the immediate path of the

philadelphia: Philadelphia

phoenix: Pheonix

phone: phone

physics: Physics

pin-invalid: That pin is invalid for this conference.

pin-number-accepted: Pin number accepted

ping: Ping

pipe: pipe

planning: Planning

play-room: play room

play: play

please-answer-the-following: Please answer the following...

please-contact-tech-supt: Please contact technical support

please-enter-first-three-letters: Please enter the first three letters of your party's first or last name.

please-enter-the: Please enter the

please-enter-your: Please enter your

please-hang-up-and-dial-operator: Please hang up and dial the operator.

please-hang-up-and-try-again: Please hang up and try again.

please-try-again-later: Please try again later.

please-try-again: Please try again

please-try: please try

please-wait-connect-oncall-eng: Please wait, and I will attempt to patch you through to our on-call engineer.

pls-ent-num-transfer: please enter the number to use for call transfer

pls-enter-conf-password: Please enter the conference password

pls-enter-num-message-after-tone: Please enter your numeric message after the tone.

pls-enter-vm-password: Please enter your voicemail password

pls-entr-num-uwish2-call: please enter the number you wish to call

pls-hold-silent30: Please hold (silence for 30 seconds)

pls-hold-while-try: Please hold while we try to connect you.

pls-lv-msg-will-contact: Please leave a message after the tone and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

pls-rcrd-name-at-tone: please record your name at the tone.

pls-stay-on-line: Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative.

pls-try-again: Please try again!

pls-try-area-code: please try area code

pls-try-call-later: please try your call again later

pls-try-manually: Please try manually.

pls-wait-connect-call: Please wait, while I connect your call.

plugh: Plugh (ploo-g)

pm-announcement-number: Annoucement number

pm-invalid-option: That option is invalid. Please try again.

pm-phrase-management: Phrase management.

pm-prompt-number: Prompt number...

pm-to-record-phrase: To record a phrase

pm-to-review-phrase: To review a phrase

point: Point

point: point

pool: pool

pop: POP

porch: porch

port: port

portland: Portland

portnumber: port number

position: position

post-entry-pound: digit account number, skipping any punctuation, followed by the pound key.

pounds: pounds

power-failure: power failure

presales-support: Presales support

presidents-office: Presidents office

press-0: Press 0

press-1: Press 1

press-1: Press 1

press-2: Press 2

press-2: Press 2

press-3: Press 3

press-3: Press 3

press-4: Press 4

press-4: Press 4

press-5: Press 5

press-5: Press 5

press-6-to-eject: or press 6 to eject the last user.

press-6: Press 6

press-6: Press 6

press-7: Press 7

press-7: Press 7

press-8: Press 8

press-8: Press 8

press-9: Press 9

press-9: Press 9

press-button-again: Press that button again!

press-enter: Press Enter

press-escape: Press Escape

press-hash: Press Hash

press-hash: Press hash

press-pound-save-changes: Press pound to save your changes.

press-pound-to-login-star-to-hangup: Press pound to login to voicemail, or * to hangup.

press-pound: Press Pound

press-pound: Press pound

press-return: Press return

press-star-cancel: Press star to cancel.

press-star: Press star

press-star: Press star

press-the-space-bar: Press the space bar

press-tilde: Press tilde

press: Press

pressure: pressure

pressure: pressure

printing: Printing

privacy-blacklisted: Blacklisted

privacy-blocked: Blocked

privacy-if-error-leave-message-or-hangup: If you feel this in error, or unjust, please leave a message after the tone. Otherwise, please hang up now.

privacy-if-error: If you feel this is in error...

privacy-if-sales-call-contact-in-writing: If this is an unsolicited sales or marketing call, please be advised that we only wish to be contacted in writing.

privacy-last-caller-was: The last caller was...

privacy-not: NOT

privacy-please-dial: Please dial...

privacy-please-stay-on-line-to-be-connected: Please stay on the line to be connected.

privacy-screening-unidentified-calls: Due to the huge number of unsolicited calls we recieve, we are now screening all inbound calls where a caller ID is unavailable or withheld.

privacy-stop-calling-not-welcome: Please stop calling. You are not welcome here.

privacy-stop-calling-not-welcome2: Please stop calling. You are not welcome here. (annoyed)

privacy-this-number-is: This number is...

privacy-to-blacklist-last-caller: The last caller was...

privacy-to-blacklist-this-number: To blacklist this number...

privacy-to-hear-our-contact-details: to hear our contact details

privacy-to-whitelist-last-caller: To whitelist the last caller...

privacy-to-whitelist-this-number: To whitelist this number...

privacy-whitelisted: whitelisted

privacy-you-are-blacklisted: You have been blacklisted on this system.

privacy-you-are-calling-from: You are calling from...

privacy-your-callerid-is: Your Caller*ID is...

product: Product

production: Production

projects: Projects

protocol: protocol

psi: psi

public-relations: Public Relations

purchasing: Purchasing

purposes: Purposes

q-dot-931: q.931

q-dot-9thirty1: q.9-thirty-one

quality-assurance: Quality Assurance

quality-control: Quality Contol

quarter: quarter

quickly: quickly

quiet-mode: quiet mode

quote: quote

race: Race

rain: rain

rainfall: Rainfall

rainy: rainy

range: Range

reassigned-new-areacode: has been reassigned in another areacode

rebates: Rebates

received: received

receiving: Receiving

reception: Reception

recorded: recorded

registrar: Registrar

remote-already-in-this-mode-2: The remote is already in this mode.

remote-already-in-this-mode: remote is already in this mode.

remote-base: Remote Base

removed: removed.

repair: Repair

repeat-only: Repeat Only

repeater: Repeater

research-and-development: Research & Development

research: Research

reservations: Reservations

reset: reset

restarting: Restarting

rhode-island: Rhode Island

right-bracket: right bracket

rising: rising

rising: rising

risk-management: Risk Management

roaming: Roaming

roof: roof

room-service: Room Service

room: room

rooms: rooms

route-sip: Your call is being routed over SIP.

rqsted-wakeup-for: You have requested a wakeup call for...

sacramento: Sacramento

saint-louis: St. Louis

sales-floor: Sales Floor

sales: Sales

san-antonio: San Antonia

san-diego: San Diego

san-francisco: San Francisco

san-jose: San Jose

save-announce-press: To save this announcement, press

say-temp-msg-prs-pound: say your temporary message and then press the pound key

says-thats-stupid: says that's a really stupid thing to do.

scattered: scattered

sciences: Science

seattle: Seattle

second-floor: second floor

second: second

secretary: Secretary

secure: secure

security-system: security system

security: Security

self-destruct-in: This system will self destuct in...

self-destruct: Self destruct

server: Server

service-not-implemented: That service is not implemented.

service: Service

set: set

seventeenth: seventeenth

seventh: seventh

seventieth: seventieth

severe: severe

shall-i-try-again: Shall I try again?

shiny-brass-lamp: There is a shiny brass lamp nearby.

shipping: Shipping

shop: Shop

show-office: Show Office

side: side

sighted: sighted

simplex: Simplex

simul-call-limit-reached: Simultanious call limit reached

sixteenth: sixteenth

sixth: sixth

sixtieth: sixtieth

sleet: sleet

sleeting: sleeting

slow: slow

slowly: slowly

snow: snow

snowing: snowing

snowy: snowy

software: software

solar: solar

someone-you-trust1: Someone you trust is one of us.

someone-you-trust2: Someone you trust is one of us.

someone-you-trust3: Someone you trust is one of us.

something-terribly-wrong: Something is terribly wrong!

sorry-cant-let-you-do-that: I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.

sorry-cant-let-you-do-that2: I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.

sorry-cant-let-you-do-that3: I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.

sorry-mailbox-full: Sorry, but the user's mailbox can't accept more messages.

sorry-youre-having-problems: Sorry you're having problems

sorry: We're sorry.

sorry2: We're sorry, but we are not able to answer your call at this time.

south-carolina: South Carolina

south-dakota: South Dakota

south: south

southeast: southeast

southerly: southerly

southwest: southwest

spam: Thank you for calling Special Price Analysis and Marketing. For cheap generic Vallium, Xanex or Viagra press 1. For Gucci and Rolex replicas please press 2. To enlarge your penis or breasts, please press 3. To speak with the Minister of Finance of Nigera about a 50 million dollar account, press 4.

spam2: Spam

speak-louder-into-phone: please speak louder, or speak directly into the telephone to ensure a clear recording

speak-louder: please speak louder to ensure a clear recording

speak-to-the-operator: speak to the operator

speed-dial-empty: The speed dial entry you've accessed is empty.

speed-dial: Speed-dial

speed: speed

splat: Splat

sprinklers: sprinklers

ssh: SSH

staff: staff

staffing: staffing

standard: standard

star-for-menu-again: Press the star key to hear this menu again

starting-with-either: starting with either

station: station

status: status

steady: steady

step-in-stream: You step in the stream, but the water has moved on.

sterling: sterling

still: still

store-accounting: Store Accounting

storm: storm

stove: stove

sump-pump: sump pump

sun-room: sun room

sun: sun

sunny: sunny

support: Support

swap: Swap

system-crashed: The system has crashed

system-status-msg: Please listen carefully to the following system status message.

system: System

system: system

systems: Systems

systems: systems

talking-to-myself: Am I talking to myself?

target-attendant: target attendant

tcp: TCP

technical-support: Technical support

telephone-in-your-pocket: Oooo! Is that a telephone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

telephone-in-your-pocket2: Oooo! Is that a telephone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

telephone-number: telephone number

telesales: Telesales

teletubbie-murder: has been brutally murdered and mutilated by the Teletubbies.

telnet: Telnet

temp-disconnected: has been temporarialy disconnected

temperature: temperature

temperature: temperature

tennessee: Tennessee

tenth: tenth

terabits: Terabits

terabytes: Terabytes

terminated: terminated

terminating: terminating

test-tones-follow: Test tones follow.

texas: Texas

thank-you-cooperation: Thank you for your cooperation.

thank-you-for-calling: Thank you for calling.

thanks-for-calling-today: Thanks for calling today.

thanks-for-using: Thanks for using

that-is-not-rec-phn-num: That is not a recognized phone number

that-number: that number

that-tickles: Oooh, that tickles!

that-you-require: that you require

the-mailbox: The mailbox

the-monkeys-twice: The monkeys! THE MONKEYS!

the-new-number-is: The new number is

the-next: the next

the-num-i-have-is: the number I have is

the-number-u-dialed: The number you have dialed

the-party-you-are-calling: The party you are calling

the-weather-at: the weather at

then-press-pound: then press pound

there-are: There are...

there-is-no-customer-support: These is not customer support.

thermostat: thermostat

these-are-currently: these are currently

third: third

thirteenth: thirteenth

thirtieth: thirtieth

this-call-may-be-monitored-or-recorded: This call may be monitored or recorded

this-call-may-be: This call may be

this-call-will-cost: This call will cost...

this-call-will-end-in: This call will end in

this-is-the-voice-mail-system: This is the voicemail system

this-is-yr-wakeup-call: This is your wakeup call.

this: this

thnk-u-for-patience: thank you for your patience

thousandth: thousandth

through: Through

thunderstorm: thunderstorm

tide: tide

time: time

time: time

time: time

times: times

to-accept-recording: to accept this recording

to-be-called-back: To be called back when a representative is available, press--

to-blklist-last-caller: To blacklist the last caller, press...

to-blklist-last-num: To blacklist the last number, press...

to-call-num-press: To call this number, press...

to-call-prson-w-sent-msg: to call the person who sent this message

to-call-this-number: to call this number

to-cancel-this-msg: to cancel this message

to-cancel-wakeup: To cancel a wakeup call...

to-change-exp-date: to change the expiration date

to-change-your-pin-number: To change your pin number

to-collect-voicemail: to collect voicemail

to-compose-a-message: to compose a message

to-confirm-wakeup: To confirm a wakeup call...

to-control-environ-sys: to control environmental systems

to-control-lights-appl: to control lights and appliances

to-dial-by-name-press: to dial by name, press

to-dial-by-name: To dial by name...

to-enter-a-diff-number: to enter a different number

to-enter-a-number: to enter a number

to-erase-yr-temp-grtg: to erase your temporary greeting

to-extension: to extension

to-hang-up-2: To hang up

to-hang-up: To hang up (slower)

to-hear-callerid: To hear the Caller*ID of the last call

to-hear-menu-again: to hear this menu again

to-hear-msg-again: to hear this message again.

to-hear-msg-envelope: to hear the message envelope

to-hear-net-status: to hear current network status,...

to-hear-weather-status: to hear weather status,...

to-hear-your-account-balance: To hear your account balance

to-join-a-meeting: to join a meeting

to-leave-message-for: To leave a message for

to-listen-to-it: to listen to it

to-log-in-to-voice-mail: To log into voicemail

to-place-outgoing-call: to place an outgoing call

to-reach-first-rep: To reach the first available representitivie

to-reach-operator: To reach the operator

to-reach-operator: to reach an operator

to-rec-yr-temp-grtg: to record your temporary greeting

to-record-call: to record call

to-redial-the-last-number-you-called: To redial the last number you called

to-report-emergency: To report an emergency...

to-report-system-network-down: To report a system or network down

to-rerecord-announce: To rerecord this announcement, press

to-rerecord-it: to re-record it

to-rerecord-yr-message: to re-record your message

to-rmv-num-blklist: To remove a number from the blacklist, press...

to-rqst-wakeup-call: To request a wakeup call...

to-send-a-reply: to send a reply

to-snooze-for: To snooze for...

to-use-def-attendant: to use the default attendant, just press pound

tomorrow-night: tomorrow-night

tones-that-follow-are-for-the-deaf: The tones that follow are for the deaf.

tonight: tonight:

too-low: too low

tornado: tornado

touchtone1: If you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hangup, go to a phone store, and purchase one of those new fangled inventions called a touch tone phone.

touchtone2: And if you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hello, there's this thing call touch tone sweety you might want to look into.

touchtone3: If you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hangup, go to a phone store, and purchase one of those 21'st century new fangled inventions called a touch tone phone.

towards: towards

tower: tower

trading-desk: Trading Desk

traffic: Traffic

training: Trading

transportation: Transportation

travel: Travel

treasury: Treasury

tucson: Tuscon

tulsa: Tulsa

turn-off-recording: to turn off call recording

turning-to: turning to

twelveth: twelveth

twentieth: twentieth

twisty-maze: You are in a maze of twisty little menus, all alike.

typhoon: typhoon

udp: UDP

uh-oh1: Uh oh! [in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice]

uh-oh2: Uh oh! [in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice]

uk: UK

unavailable: Unavailable

unconditional: unconditional

unidentified-no-callback: un-indentified or witheld and therefore cannot be called back.

units: units

unix: Unix

unlocked: unlocked

unlocking: unlocking

up: up

up: up

uptime: uptime

user: user

users: users

utah: Utah

variable: variable

vermont: Vermont

virginia-beach: Virginia Beach

virginia: Virgina

visibility: Visibility

visit-asterisk-website: Visit the asterisk website at w w w dot asterisk dot org

voice-mail-system: Voice Mail System

volt: Volt

volts: Volts

wait-moment: Please wait a moment.

wait-offensive-sounds: Please wait one moment while I access our gigantic library of offensive sounds!

wakeup-call-cancelled: Your wakeup call has been cancelled.

wakeup-call: Wakeup call

wakeup-daily: Daily Wakeup Call

wakeup-for-daily: For daily wakeup calls...

wakeup-for-one-time: For a one-time wakeup call

wakeup-onetime: One-time wakeup call

walks-into-bar-mail: A man walks into a bar, sits down and ... welcome to Comedian Mail!

warning: warning

was-last-seen: was last seen

was: was

washing-machine: washing machine

washington-dc: Washington, DC

washington: Washington

watch: watch

water-heater: water heater

watt: Watt

watts: Watts

we-apologize: we apologize

we-dont-have-tech-support: We don't have tech support.

weasels-eaten-phonesys: Weasels have eaten our phone system.

weather-station: weather station

weather: weather

web: web

weeks: weeks

welcome: welcome

well-pump: well pump

were-sorry: We're sorry...

west-virginia: West Virgina

west: west

westerly: westerly

what-are-you-wearing: What are you wearing?

what-time-it-is: Do you have any idea what <emph> time </emph> it is?

what-time-it-is2: Do you have any idea what <emph> time </emph> it is?

when-dialing-this-number: When dialing this number...

who-would-you-like-to-call: Who would you like to call?

why-no-answer-mystery: Your call is important to us, but exactly why we haven't answered it yet is a mystery even to us.

wichita: Wichita

will-apply: will apply

will-expire: will expire

will-not-expire: will not expire

will-reflect-charge-of: will reflect a charge of

wind-chill: wind chill

wind: wind

window: window

windows: Windows

windows: windows

winds: winds

windy: windy

wisconsin: Wisconsin

wish-to-continue: do you wish to continue?

with: with

within: within

work: work

wrong-try-again-smarty: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Try again, smart guy.

wtng-to-spk-w-rep: waiting to speak with a representative


wyoming: Wyoming

xmas-lights: Christmas lights

xmas-tree: Christmas tree

yard: yard

yeah: Yeah!

year: year

years: years

yes-dear: Yes, dear. (annoyed)

yes-dear2: Yes, dear. (playful)

you-are-caller-num: you are caller number

you-are-curr-call-num: you are currently caller number

you-can-press: You can press

you-dialed-wrong-number: You have dialed the wrong number.

you-entered: You entered

you-have-dialed: You have dialed:

you-have-reached-a-test-number: You have reached a test number.

you-have-these-options: You have these options.

you-must-first-dial: You must first dial

you-seem-impatient: You seem impatient

you-sound-cute: So, _you_ sound cute.

you-wish-to-join: you wish to join

your-account: Your account

your-msg-has-been-saved: Your message has been saved

your-msg-is-too-short: your message is too short

your-temp-greeting: your temporary greeting

your: your

zip-code: zip code

alert: alert

calling: calling

cc-amex: American Express

cc-discover: Discover

cc-mastercard: Mastercard

cc-visa: Visa

invalid-featurecode: I'm sorry. That feature code is not supported. Please try again.

pls-hold-process-tx: Please hold while we process your transaction.

privacy-restricted-by-req: ...restricted by customer request.

tt-codezone_MIXDOWN: This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable...Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop....The Code Zone.

tt-codezone: This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable...Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop....The Code Zone.

tt-hangup: Press 1 to end this call, or any other key to hangup.

tt-monty-knights: Go and boil your bottoms you silly english kniggggits. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

tx-has-been-approved: Your transaction has been approved.

your-notifications: ...your notifications.

your-req-notification: ...your requested notification.

account_number: Your account number

after_tone: After the tone

andnowstandby: Please stand by for 10 minutes of your life you'll never get back

at_tone: At the tone

awkward: Awkward (sung)

binary: Thank you for calling. We are unavailable to take your call at this time so have forwarded your call to a Babbage difference engine for parsing and transcription. To avoid errors please leave a message in words of one syllable or less and avoid run-on sentences. You may also leave a message in binary using the words one and zero or oh. Thank you.

bombsquad: Thank you for calling. Your anonymous tip has been recorded and the bomb disposal team has been dispatched to your location. No further action is required unless you require a clean pair of shorts. We cannot help you there.

challenge_try_again: That's ok. I like a challenge. Let's try one more time.

closed: closed

comedyclub: Thank you for calling to inquire about our comedy club. It is available for loan to discourage further dissemination of bad puns. Please leave contact information after the tone.

countdown: Thank you for calling. Self destruct has been initiated will occur in thirty seconds. If you believe you have reached this destination in error please enter the twelve digit abort code now or hang up and seek shelter immediately.

crashing_conf: Are you crashing this conference?

current_account_balance: Your current account balance is

donotcall1: This number is listed on the Do Not Call list. Your number has been logged. If you feel you have reached this number by mistake you may push one now to record a message. Feel free to leave your own home number so that we may return your call to your home at a time of our choosing.

donotcall2: Please add this number to your do-not-call list.

eletelephony: "Once there was an elephant,

Who tried to use the telephant.

No! no! I mean an elephone

Who tried to use the telephone.

(Dear me! I am not certain quite

That even now I've got it right.)

Howe'er it was, he got his trunk

Entangled in the telephunk;

The more he tried to get it free,

The louder buzzed the telephee

(I fear I'd better drop the song

Of elephop and telephong!)

[An Eletelephony Poem by Laura Elizabeth Richards]"

enter_account: Please enter your account number.

error: Error

feeling_lucky_punk: "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?'... Well, do you, punk?"

followed_hash: . . . followed by the hash key.

followed_pound: . . . followed by the pound key.

forget_about_it: Fuggetaboutit. {read in the style of Tony Soprano}

get_bleep_outta: That's great! Now get the f*%# out of here!

get_information_first: Can I get some information from you first?

get_information: I just need to get a little information from you.

get-in-line-sales-guy: Thank you for calling. We answer calls by appointment only. Our first available appointment is approximately 90 days from today. To schedule an appointment, press 1 and leave the date and time of your requested appointment and a home phone number. We will contact you early next weekend if it is available. To repeat this message, press 2.

grammar: Thank you for calling. Please leave a message after the tone. In order to eliminate phone spam and phishing your message will be reviewed by an English major (or majorette) and if found to contain grammatical, tense or structural errors it will be discarded. Please enunciate clearly to avoid issues related to homonyms. Thank you and have a nice day.

goodbye_for_the_best: Goodbye. No, really, it's probably for the best. Goodbye.

goodbye_love: Goodbye. Thank you for trying out the Asterisk open source PBX. You love it, right?

got_kidding: OMG - You've got to be kidding.

hal_goodbye: this phone call can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

happy_saved: I'm happy to tell you, your message has been saved.

is: is

keywords_cross_fingers: Please enter one or more keywords separated by star, cross your fingers, and then press the pound key.

like_to_tell_valid_ext: I'd like to tell you that's a valid extension but I can't. Try again.

martini: I'm afraid that I'm unable to create a connection to the Digium Demonstration Asterisk server. Believe me, I'm frustrated too. You may find some helpful debugging information on the Asterisk console. I'm going for a martini.

messages_curious: To look into your messages press 1 now. Come on, you know you're curious. If you're so done with this you may quit voicemail at any time by pressing the pound key.

mind_repeating: Would you mind repeating that?

minions-not-answering-leave-message: I'm sorry, my minions could not connect your call so please leave a message.

mode: mode

night: night

no_invite_to_conf: That PIN number is invalid for this conference. Is there a chance you weren't invited?

no_longer_conf: . . . is no longer in the conference.

no_problem_help: No problem. I can help you with that.

no_worries_try_again: No worries. Let's try again.

none_of_my_business1: . . . Is unavailable. I have no idea what they're up to. None of my business!

none_of_my_business2: Nobody is available to take your call at the moment. I have no idea what they're up to. None of my business!

not_me: It's not me, it's you. Let's find an agent.

not_pass: You shall not pass!

not_you: It's not you, it's me. Let's find an agent.

not_siri: I think you may have me confused with Siri.

off: off

OfficeSpace: Hello, just a moment.

ogm_home: There is no one to answer your call right now. Please leave a message and someone will return your call.

on: on

open: open

passwords_not_match: The passwords you entered and re-entered do not match. I don't know what to tell you. Please try again?

pin_number: your PIN number.

please-hold-minion-connect: Please continue to hold while my minions attempt to connect your call.

please-hold-while-minion: Please hold on while I find a minion to answer your call.

press_pound_hash_key: press the pound or hash key.

press_pound_hash: press pound or hash.

press-or-say-0: Press or say zero.

press-or-say-1: Press or say 1

press-or-say-2: Press or say 2

press-or-say-3: Press or say 3

press-or-say-4: press or say 4

press-or-say-5: Press or say 5

press-or-say-6: Press or say 6

press-or-say-7: Press or say 7

press-or-say-8: Press or say 8

press-or-say-9: Press or say 9

prime_number: To proceed, please enter any 7-digit prime number followed by the pound key.

prompt-not-found: The prompt file was not found.

quality_control: For quality control purp.. (laughs) for quality control purposes, this call (laughing) may be...

Randulo-allison: Allsion

regret_not_saved: "I regret to tell you: your message has not been saved."

repeat_pin: I'm going to repeat your PIN number back to you. I think you said

said_hold_on: I said hold on!

saleshell: Please leave a message after the tone, if this is a Sales please call press 5 now

sendhelp: Thank you for calling. Your location has been identified and a SWAT team has been dispatched to your location. No further action is required by you. You will be rescued shortly.

SIP_Test_Failure: Keep at it bozo!

SIP_Test_Success: Your test has succeeded and the SIP device or standard compliance your are attempting to fix has worked. Please enjoy your work until something else breaks.

sorry_caller_number: "I'm sorry to tell you, you are currently caller number: "

sorry_didnt_get: I'm so sorry. I didn't get that.

sorry_login_incorrect: Sorry. Login incorrect. Give it another try.

sorry_missed: I'm sorry, I missed that.

sorry_no_messages: Sorry, no more messages. Your wish is my command. Totally.

sorry_didnt_quite_get: Sorry, I didn't quite get that.

sorrydave: I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

still_on_phone: is still on the phone. Jeepers. Chatty Cathy!

sure_help: Sure. I can help you with that.

talkin_me: Are you talkin to me?

telemarketercalling: Telemarketing calls have been reported originating from your number.

thank_you_calling: Thank you for calling.

thanks-annoyance: Thank you for calling. Please hold a moment while I locate someone who will put up with your constant complaining and whining.

timewarp: Due to the transient appearance of a time warp in the vicinity no one will be here to answer for at least the next century. Please leave a message after the tone and we will respond at least one month prior to your call. Thank you and have a nice day.

tone_time: "At the tone, the time will be: "

transfer_to_agent: I think I should transfer you to an agent. Hold on.

unicorn_blood_MIXDOWN: Asterisk is an open source full featured PBX and IVR platform that runs on the Linux operating system and a little bit of unicorn blood. For more information visit

unicorn_blood: Asterisk is an open source full featured PBX and IVR platform that runs on the Linux operating system and a little bit of unicorn blood. For more information visit

unwelcomecall: Your call is not welcome.

watson: I'm sorry, the person you've reached is not named Watson. We would be glad to come to your assistance but have to pick up the kids at soccer practice first. We will return your call as soon as possible.

whoareyou: May I ask who's calling?

wish_command_totally: Um. Would you mind if I showed you how we do it in Canada?

woo_hoo_call_first: Woohoo! Your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available representative.

you_say_yes: Ray, when somebody asks you if you're a god, you say YES!

yourcallisimportant: You call is important to us. That's why you'll be hearing the same 10 second loop for the next half hour at a charge of 12 cents per minute

yourcallisimpotent: Your call is impotent to us.

zombies: Due to the presence of zombies at the location you have dialed the office has been evacuated. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible, unless of course the Apocalypse occurs first. In this event we'll likely have other priorities.

pls-listen-options-changed: Please listen carefully as the menu options have changed.